The experiential exhibition ‘Altijd op weg’ lets you discover the rich, timeless spirituality of the Sisters of Saint Joseph and their loyal contribution to society in terms of education, care for the sick and parish work. But perhaps, as a former student, former employee, acquaintance, friend or family member, you have already had the opportunity in the past to become acquainted with the cordiality of the Sisters? If so, this exhibition will undoubtedly have a special meaning for you and we would like to welcome you as a sympathizer.

The design, organisation and coordination of ‘Altijd op weg’ required – and still requires – a great deal of work. We therefore welcome any voluntary contribution to continue to offer this experience exhibition. Will you become a sympathizer of our project? If so, we will use all the money you transfer for this exhibition and all the activities and initiatives around it. You will also receive an annual invitation for an activity.

Interested? Via the contact page you can register as a sympathiser and ask for more information.


The experiential exhibition ‘Altijd op weg’ (or translated Always on the move) is looking for organisations and companies that have a warm heart for our project. With the financial support of sponsors, we can continue to offer this timeless exhibition to the public, along with all kinds of activities and initiatives.

What does it mean to become a sponsor?  In exchange for your contribution you will receive:

Interested? Through the contact page you can register as a sponsor and ask for more information.